Located in the Lincoln Heights area sits a 1960s-era, 66-unit condominium complex on just under four acres. This is 7600 Broadway, where Nacogdoches, Nottingham and Broadway intersect in this popular part of town. Its proximity to retail, employment, transit and recreational amenities heightens its reputation as an ideal location where San Antonians can live, work and play.


Located in the Lincoln Heights area sits a 1960s-era, 66-unit condominium complex on just under four acres. This is 7600 Broadway, where Nacogdoches, Nottingham and Broadway intersect in this popular part of town. Its proximity to retail, employment, transit and recreational amenities heightens its reputation as an ideal location where San Antonians can live, work and play.

Who is Embrey Partners?


Embrey Partners is a local, family-owned business with more than four decades of development experience.

Many of its employees live in the immediate neighborhood, and its offices are located within the boundaries of the Oak Park-Northwood Neighborhood Association. Embrey has earned a reputation for success by using a strategy that involves a combination of rigorous research and analysis, creative approaches to challenges, open communication and inclusiveness, and a steadfast commitment to do the right thing.

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Embrey Partners knows that open communication is key to a successful project.

In 2017, the 7600 Broadway Condominium Association, in consultation with Embrey Partners, arrived at a complete consensus among the individual owners to sell all 66 units. This was the first successful step toward exciting improvements in the area. Since then, Embrey Partners has gone to great lengths to engage and inform neighbors about the project. As a result of that dialogue, Embrey Partners developed a plan utilizing MF-50 Zoning with a conditional use for office. The City’s Planning Commission and Zoning Commission unanimously approved Embrey Partners’ land use and zoning requests.


What is the Existing Zoning?

The existing zoning for this property allows for a wide range of uses.

The site is zoned as a C-2/Commercial District, which allows for a mixture of commercial development (including a shopping center, retail and office use) unlimited in building square footage size, and multi-family housing at a density of 33 units per acre. In addition, a mixed-use commercial project under the existing zoning does not require setbacks and allows overall heights taller than existing commercial and multifamily properties in the area. New construction under the existing zoning guidelines does not require any public hearings or approvals prior to construction.

Click here for confirmation of existing zoning from the City of San Antonio.

Why Does Embrey Want to Rezone for a Tailored Zoning Request?


After engaging the surrounding neighborhood, residents encouraged zoning that decreased density and height. Based on this information, it is our opinion that this is the best approach for the property with regard to traffic, density and setback needs.

A tailored rezoning request for MF-50 Zoning with a conditional use for office – not IDZ – will be required to accomplish this. Current plans call for approximately 60,000-square-feet of office, anchored by Embrey’s corporate office, with 227 residential units. The objectives of the request include addressing issues such as height, setback, trees and sidewalks with respect to Nottingham and Nacogdoches, while concentrating height along Broadway.

Getting Design Right

Limiting height and density along Nottingham and Nacogdoches and maximizing setbacks are keys to getting the design of 7600 Broadway right.

Creating space and light between buildings provides a buffer between the property and the residences along Nottingham and Nacogdoches. At a maximum of three stories tall, the building height along Nottingham and Nacogdoches will align with the tree canopy, preserving the existing character of the neighborhood. A total of six stories will be concentrated along Broadway Street near Nacogdoches Road with three stories of residential below three stories of office space.

The project will feature a pocket park at the corner of Nottingham and Nacogdoches, 10-foot sidewalks on all sides, increased setbacks from existing structures, an entirely enclosed parking garage and more than $1 million in proposed public improvements, subject to City approval,  paid for by Embrey Partners. Those improvements include an extended turn lane on Broadway between the intersections of Nacogdoches and Nottingham as well as crosswalk and signal improvements at the surrounding intersections.

A traffic analysis confirmed that a development with limited commercial use and a larger residential footprint would not impact traffic, compared to a shopping center like H-E-B Lincoln Heights or a dense commercial office development of 200,000 to 300,000 square feet which would bring in nearly a thousand cars on a daily basis. The development’s proximity to transit, employment, and recreational amenities encourages alternative modes of transportation thus minimizing the volume of auto traffic on adjacent streets. As part of the development of 7600 Broadway, improvements along Broadway and at the intersection of Nacogdoches and Nottingham would ease auto traffic and enhance visibility and public safety.

Parking is critical to the success of the project. Enclosed and screened parking will act as an additional buffer between the site and adjacent residences.

Frequently Asked Questions

A recent traffic analysis confirmed that MF-50 Zoning with limited commercial use would have a limited effect on traffic and is a better traffic option than the current zoning. Embrey is committed to making traffic improvements along Broadway by widening the street and lengthening the existing middle turn lane that will go between Nottingham and Basse. In addition, the traffic signals will be improved, and improved crosswalks and 10’ wide sidewalks will be added to promote walkability. The intersection of Nottingham and Nacogdoches was also studied in the traffic analysis. Embrey will be improving this intersection with striping and in-pavement LED crosswalk lights to promote safety, subject to City approval. The traffic study did not warrant a traffic signal at the intersection of Nottingham and Nacogdoches, which the City of San Antonio requires in order to install a traffic signal.

In listening to neighbors, we have designed the project to utilize Broadway for access. There are no access points or on-street parking off Nottingham and the single access point on Nacogdoches is a “right in right out” that will minimize traffic off of Nacogdoches, specifically going north.

While the 7600 Broadway redevelopment features a larger residential footprint than the existing condos on the property, similar projects confirm that the targeted demographic groups — including single person households and empty nesters — have little impact on local schools. Embrey meet with the Alamo Heights Independent School District to discuss the 7600 Broadway project and other Class A projects in the district. It was determined that approximately 1% of the Class A apartments in the district have children attending AHISD schools. We are programming for about 50% of the units to be one bedroom, 45% two bedrooms and 5% three bedrooms. It is anticipated that these specific types of units will have very few, if any, students.They are, however, an invaluable catalyst to the surrounding local economy.

The existing zoning is C-2 Commercial Airport Hazard Overlay District.

C-2 Commercial District zoning allows for a mix of commercial and office use and multifamily housing density of 33 units per acre. Click here for City of San Antonio zoning letter.

Among the commercial uses approved under this zoning:

• High-density office building

• Liquor stores

• Indoor gaming facilities

• Automotive repair – including oil, lube and tune-up services

• Gas stations

• Charitable clothes and food banks

• Dry cleaners

• Shopping centers

Embrey Partners has gone to great lengths to engage and inform neighbors about the project, meeting with residents and the board of directors of the Oak Park-Northwood Neighborhood Association, and hosting a public open house for neighbors to ask questions and provide input. As a result of that dialogue the project has evolved, with an emphasis on residential development rather than the commercial uses favored under existing zoning. While existing zoning does not require building setbacks from the property line, Embrey listened to stakeholders and has chosen to make the setbacks for the proposed project farther from the property line than the existing structures.

Embrey also responded to requests to limit height and density along Nottingham and Nacogdoches, restricting rooftop heights to align with the tree canopy at a maximum of three stories. Current renderings concentrate the height of the project along Broadway. Concentrating the height along Broadway will allow for a buffer between the property and the neighborhoods along Nottingham and Nacogdoches, creating space and light between the buildings.

We will follow the guidelines of the city of San Antonio’s tree ordinance, ensuring the project is aesthetically pleasing to both the complex’s tenants and the surrounding neighborhood. We are presently conducting a preservation study to assess the overall health and quality of the trees on the property. Our intentions are to save as many trees as possible by setting back our buildings farther away from the property line than the existing buildings today along Nacogdoches and Nottingham.

Embrey seeks to obtain an MF-50 designation, with a conditional use for office development, which will serve as Embrey’s corporate office. The MF-50 zoning allows for multifamily development of up to 50 units per acre, and is tailored to urban areas located in proximity to transit, employment and recreational hubs.

With a focus on redevelopment, this zoning allows for more flexibility in terms of use, setbacks and parking, leading to a project that is more aligned with the overall aesthetic of the surrounding neighborhoods, and tailored to the demands of the market — especially the rise in demand for a high-end residential product that commands rents targeted to the kind of high-earning professionals who are already crucial to the established fabric of the neighborhood.

Current plans for the office portion call for approximately 60,000-square-feet that would be anchored by Embrey’s corporate office.

The height of the structure along Nottingham and Nacogdoches would align with the tree canopy on those thoroughfares and will not exceed three stories facing the existing residential homes. This was done to preserve the character of Nottingham and Nacogdoches as this is facing single family residential. A limited portion facing Broadway, an entirely commercial area, will be six stories. In comparison, the Quarry Heights office building next to Walgreens is 5 stories. The newly built office building on Nottingham is 5 stories as well. Office floor plate heights are taller than residential and our building will be approximately the same height as these two buildings. The Carlisle condominium building to the north of 7600 Broadway is 12 stories tall, which is substantially taller than our project. Under the existing zoning, a four-story building can be built at the property line around the entire site with no setback and go up to 391 feet due to the 1 foot setback with 2 feet height bonus permitted by code under the existing zoning. See sample below:


The existing C-2 zoning does not require building setbacks and allows for overall heights taller than the existing commercial and multifamily properties in the area.

The roughly four acres of developable land could accommodate a mixed-use development consisting of roughly 227 residential units that will range from under 1,000 square feet to over 2,000 square feet in size.

High-end luxury finishes such as hardwood floors, quartz countertops, side-by-side refrigerators, wine refrigerators, under mount sinks, 10’ ceilings, walk-in showers and soaking tubs. Amenities will feature a rooftop pool, garden plaza, conference rooms, business center, golf simulator, concierge and valet services. Neighborhood enhancements include a pocket park at the corner of Nottingham and Nacogdoches, 10-foot sidewalks around the perimeter of the project, tree preservation and exceptional landscaping.

Rents will range between $3,000 and $4,000 a month.

The structure will be a mix of cut limestone, brick and stucco.

The parking will be a concrete podium design consisting of one level of below grade parking and two levels of parking above grade, completely screened with residential units and out of site from the surrounding streets. There will be no on- street parking with the project. All parking will be within the project.

In 2016, Embrey engaged the condominium association with the opportunity to buy the 66 condominiums that make up 7600 Broadway. The firm received 100-percent consensus among the owners. The deal is expected to be finalized in early fall 2018.


Send your questions to info@7600broadway.com.

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